Cisco E2000 Router is solid when flashed with DD-WRT [Networking]

Over a year ago I owned a Linksys WRT-54G V4 router configured as the main and a Netgear WNR8348 configured as a repeater bridge. Both running DD-WRT on wireless G. The solution was rock solid.

After several months, I decided to go the N route and got a Trendnet TEW-637AP and sold the Linksys. A very bad move. The Trendnet would not work as a repeater bridge (or client bridge), so I installed it as main router instead. The Netgear WNR8348, then configured as repeater bridge, started dropping packets and lost connectivity consistently.

Later I replaced the Netgear with an Asus RT-N12 and gave it away. I ended up in worse shape as the Asus lost connectivity every 15 minutes when copying large files; Netflix streaming was just impossible. I tried all kinds of configs (N, G, mixed, 20 Mhz, 40 Mhz, different power settings, you name them). It just did not work.

I was frustrated to the point of thinking about running physical cable but did not execute as it was going to be a very challenging task.

Last attempt to migrate to Wireless N:

I decided to give it a try to a pair of Cisco E2000 routers to replace my repeater bridges which got flashed with DD-WRT as soon as they arrived. I was really surprised with the positive results they gave me after transferring ISO files over wireless, to the point that they were maxing out my PC LAN port consistently. The only change I made was to lower the TX rate to 50 mW (default is 70 mW). The main Asus streaming wireless router is configured to serve N Only connection at channel 7 (2.4 Ghz) and Turbo Channel Width (40 Mhz).

Maxing out the LAN port
Maxing out the LAN port

From now on, I will stick with Cisco or Linksys for my networking needs.

This is how my home network is configured currently:

Home Network
Home Network