Sold! 2009 Subaru Legacy Special Edition, with Warranty

  This car was sold in record 2 days! Thank you for your interest. 2009 Subaru Legacy Special Edition AWD I have been working from home for the past year and have realized that I no longer have the use for a second car. So I have decided to sell… Read more »

HTC One S Battery Drains quickly after Jelly Bean upgrade [workaround]

I was very happy to see that the Jelly Bean upgrade was available for the T-Mobile branded HTC One S smartphone. I promptly downloaded and installed. Little did I know I would be having battery drainage issues. A few days later, when I lost very important calls due to the… Read more »

All of the sudden Facebook for Android stopped working [U-Verse]

Starting this week, Facebook for Android stopped working while under my home network. At first I thought it was just an issue with my Access Points, and rebooted. It did not fix the problem, so I went ahead and rebooted my main router running DD-WRT. Still with the same issue,… Read more »

Analog Intercom/Buzzer stops working with VoIP – Future Nine [fixed]

Quick post here regarding my Voice over IP provider, Future Nine, and theĀ Analog Intercom/Buzzer at the front gate of my community. When someone dials-in from the main gate, I need to pick up the phone and press 9 to open it. It has not been working as of late, and… Read more »