Spotify service is not working – Onkyo TX-NR609 [Fixed]

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Wanted to share a quick post. Since Thursday of this week, Spotify service has been acting up and is not able to stream on Onkyo receivers that support it.

I got a TX-NR609 which was working beautifully. I have been contacting @Spotify and @Onkyo_USA via twitter with no avail yet.

Let’s see how long they take before fixing it.


Update 09.21.2011:

Onkyo gave signs of being aware of the situation yesterday on their Facebook Page. Today I got a reply back from Spotify and they informed that they are looking at the issue currently. Spotify referred me to open a support ticket with Onkyo as they are the ones that developed the app.

Support ticket links:

Update 09.22.2011:

Onkyo posted on their Facebook Page. They are working with Spotify to resolve the issue.


Update 09.23.2011:

Service seems to be fixed. It is working correctly on my receiver.

Update 09.27.2011:

Got this email confirmation today:


We have completed the investigation: due to a configuration error, ONKYO users were unable to stream music from the Spotify servers.

The problem has been fixed and everything is now back and running!

  • same issue here I just bought my NR-609 Wednesday upgraded to premium to stream and nothing. IMO premium service is over charging unlimited  should work  as well. after all I can stream Spotify though my iphone (hello) I will send them a email as well.

    • I can stream through Android and iOS with no problems. I specifically purchased the TX-NR609 for Spotify.  At this time it is still not working.

      • Eric M

        I’m thinking of getting this receiver, but it’s a bit worrisome that they are having these problems with Spotify. When streaming from an Android device, do you just plug it in to the USB or what is the process if I want to use Spotify in that way? I was thinking of sometimes playing music in the backyard so I wasn’t sure if I could use the built-in Spotify functionality without a TV/monitor but if I can stream it from my device that would be a good back-up.

        • Onkyo promotes Spotify support heavily. I am sure the issue they are having now is due to the new functionality being added to the service (radio, more social capabilities)

          Regarding Android. If you can hookup your device to a receiver via line-out, that’s it. If you want to use the Android as a remote, you can but if you have the Onkyo as receiver.

          • Eric M

            Glad to hear that they’ve fixed this issue, I think I may place my order.

            I assume that you can also play through mini-HDMI to HDMI cable from your Android device. Also do you have the receiver wired to your router or can it pick up your wireless signal?

          • You can play through mini-HDMI to HDMI. I have my receiver wired to a wireless repeater/bridge. You can alternatively get a wireless adapter for $40 or so that plugs to the receiver.

  • Onkyo FB Status Posted:

  • Dan

    I get Spotify Login – ‘Login Error’ on my TX-NR609 with Latest firmware (from 31st Oct 2011).
    Anyone else got the same issue?

    • Not here. It is working fine for me. Is the issue happening since the upgrade? I am running the latest also.

    • Damon

      I get same “login error” here in the UK.
      I also can’t use the Onkyo remote app for android either.

      • Oscar Zamora

        Are you sill having the same challenge? All good for me.

  • Jason

    Why doesnt my evo find my receiver. Onkyo TX-NR609

    • If you are connected to the local Wi-Fi and still cannot reach the Onkyo, ensure that you can access the receiver via web browser. You will need to figure out the IP Address. If you cannot, then reset the receiver and ensure that you have proper network connectivity.