Assessing Oracle/Exadata with Appliance Migration Tools for migrating into Azure Synapse Analytics

Customers that are looking after migrating their Data Warehouse from and Oracle and/or Exadata platforms into Azure Synapse Analytics dedicated pool, can assess their environments with tools that can run on Windows or Linux OS machines.

The assessment tools run metadata queries behind the scenes, from one or multiple database servers, and generate CSV files. The folder containing these files is used as a parameter to be passed to a PowerBI dashboard, that is also part of the assessment tools.

The metadata queries are abstracted by PowerShell (if running on Windows) or Bash Shell (if running on Linux). The user has to provide endpoints and authentication information for these scripts to collect the needed information.

High level Steps for assessing Oracle or Exadata:

  1. Get to the Github location: Azure Synapse Scripts And Accelerators Scripts
  2. Download the contents
  3. For next steps, navigate to the Assessment folder.
  4. Get familiarized with the Contents of the repository.
  5. If running on Windows, get to the preparation tasks section. A DSN ODBC entry has to be created on the local machine.
  6. If running on Linux, get to the preparation tasks for Linux section
  7. Run the assessment and generate the CSV output files. There is an additional cleanup step documented for assessments running on Linux OS machines
  8. Open the PowerBI dashboard and provide the folder containing the CSV files as input.


User DSN ODBC entry on the local machine

Assessment Screenshots:

Running the assessment script with PowerShell on Windows
Assessment Output files generated from the assessment script with PowerShell on Windows

PowerBI Dashboard Sample Output

Overview Page
Azure Synapse Analytics Estimates Page
Architect View

Additional pages also available:

  1. Tables
  2. Top 20 Tables
  3. Objects
  4. Review

Bear in mind that the Azure Sizing recommendations are just a guidance.

Video: Assessing Oracle/Exadata with Windows Appliance Migration Tools for migrating into Azure Synapse Analytics

Video: Assessing Oracle/Exadata with Linux Appliance Migration Tools for migrating into Azure Synapse Analytics

There are additional assets that can be leveraged for your database migration:

  1. Schema Assessment and Migration: SQL Server Migration Assistant (download)
  2. Abstracted Data Migration: OmniLoader

For other sources, you can also take the opportunity to go over the assets on this YouTube Channel.

Hope this can help your organization jumpstart the Data Warehouse migration from Oracle/Exdata to Azure Synapse Analytics.