Spotify service is not working – Onkyo TX-NR609 [Fixed]

Wanted to share a quick post. Since Thursday of this week, Spotify service has been acting up and is not able to stream on Onkyo receivers that support it.

I got a TX-NR609 which was working beautifully. I have been contacting @Spotify and @Onkyo_USA via twitter with no avail yet.

Let’s see how long they take before fixing it.


Update 09.21.2011:

Onkyo gave signs of being aware of the situation yesterday on their Facebook Page. Today I got a reply back from Spotify and they informed that they are looking at the issue currently. Spotify referred me to open a support ticket with Onkyo as they are the ones that developed the app.

Support ticket links:

Update 09.22.2011:

Onkyo posted on their Facebook Page. They are working with Spotify to resolve the issue.


Update 09.23.2011:

Service seems to be fixed. It is working correctly on my receiver.

Update 09.27.2011:

Got this email confirmation today:


We have completed the investigation: due to a configuration error, ONKYO users were unable to stream music from the Spotify servers.

The problem has been fixed and everything is now back and running!