Online Music Broadcasters

I like electronic music. Have been a fan of it since I started listening to music back in the mid-80’s.

Other than Pandora, YouTube and Lastfm, I got my own set of preferred links. I stream using WinAmp, but iTunes and WMP should be fine. They all now support AAC+ (note, AAC Plus) on top of the long living MP3.

The links provided work with My Windows Phone.

Low Bandwidth (GPRS/EDGE)


FriskyRadio (Prog-House) AAC+/48
DI (Prog-House) AAC+/24
DI (House) AAC+/24
Groove Salad (Ambient) AAC+/48
Space Station (Ambient) AAC+/48
DI (Chill-Out) AAC+/48
Tag’s Trance Trip (Trance) AAC+/64
DI (Trance) AAC+/24
DI (Drum & Bass) AAC+/24

80’s / Alternative / Other

Radio Nigel (80’s) AAC+/48
DI (80’s) AAC+/24
DI (Reggae) AAC+/24
DI (Top Hits) AAC+/24
DI (Smooth Jazz) AAC+/24
DI (Salsa) AAC+/24

High Bandwidth (3G/Wi-Fi)

FriskyRadio (Prog-House) MP3/128, AAC+/128
Evolved.FM (Prog-House) MP3/160
Proton Radio (Prog-House) MP3/128
Tag’s Trance Trip (Trance) MP3/128
DI (Trance) MP3/96
DI (Techno) MP3/96
Groove Salad (Ambient) MP3/128
Drone Zone (Ambient) MP3/128
Flashback Alternatives (80’s) MP3/128


Shoutcast (All Streams)
Tuner2 (AAC+ Streams)