The 2011 Volvo S60. “Get Naughty” Event

Yesterday I went to the “Get Naughty” event and test drove the 2011 Volvo S60. A great car overall, with a nice interior, enough horsepower and great looks. Not as big as the S80 and a bit expensive with options (north of 40K loaded). I will wait for the R-Design to arrive and consider the European Delivery Program. I have owned 4 Volvo’s so far and they were all great, including the latest ’10 Volvo XC90 R-Design. The BMW 328i and Audi A4 were also available for a test drive. I can say that the interior of the BMW is awesome, but the engine did not deliver. The Audi looked outdated and I did not have fun with its Turbo lag. But again, I am biased as I tend to chose Volvo anyways.

Took some pictures while at the event:

The wife testing the “Pedestrian Detection” option.