I am my own brand [Un-SQL]

I am done with all my meetings, prepared for tomorrows migration and deleted all the fluff from my inbox. Now I have time to add a post for the Un-SQL Friday, an idea by the @MidnightDBA, yes the one that is rough to vendors that do not know anything about databases and DBAs wanna-be that are just incompetents (won’t argue with that). The original post is located here.

Anyways, I am my own brand. Does it matter? Maybe. That is why I created ozamora.com. That is my brand. But, do I want to be known? Not necessarily want but would like to be seen as someone that has helped building solutions or solved a problem, because that is pretty much what I do on a daily basis. I also like sharing what I have learned from others.

DJ Zamo

Now I wish I had a chance to post most interesting stuff I do so I can go back to it and say “oh, this is how I did it” instead of trying to remember. It has happened to me several times and no, searching emails not always answers my questions.

But why ozamora? Just to keep it simple. I have used ZamoTrance, Zamo, OZ, DJ Zamo, and even some have called me Zamorita, Zamito, and the Wizard of OZ. I have not registered them yet, as I am waiting for a GoDaddy Deal ha!

Now Twitter. Yes I am late to the game and started with @Oscar_Zamora, then changed to @__ZT and finally settled with @ZamoraO? Why not @ozamora? Well you guessed it. There is someone that has registered it a long time ago and never has tweeted. Twitter needs to phase out all the stale usernames…

I did register zamorao.com, so I guess I am covering my brand.

Has it helped? Certainly. I met many people at the SQL Pass Summit this year, and they recognized me just because of my Twitter name.

I will continue with ozamora.com and pack it with information that interests me and might be useful to the community. My goal is to excel at what I do and transfer knowledge to my team. If I do not learn something new today, I feel like I just wasted it. I make sure it does not happen.

That’s it. Now follow me.