TRENDnet TEW-632BRP A1.3R Wireless N Router and DD-WRT

I just got a TRENDnet TEW-632BRP A1.3R wireless N router which is not in the DD-WRT database (only version 1.1R). I went ahead and downloaded the latest firmware and followed the steps:

  1. Downloaded and “downgraded” the 1.3R firmware to 1.1R/1.2R from TRENDnet’s website.
  2. Downloaded and applied the Special image for initial flashing from the DD-WRT website.
  3. Pressed the reset button after it was loaded
  4. Downloaded and applied the Webflash image from the DD-WRT website.

The router seems to be working properly. Current version is v24-sp2 (08/07/10) std.

Update 9/1/2010:

TRENDnet routers do not support wireless bridging with other routers. I have tried configuring it as a wireless repeater, wireless bridge and client bridge with no luck so far. I am able to configure it as an AP and bridge different wireless routers to it.

I have tried with different firmware versions and rebooted/reconfigured several times.

  • Justin

    I got the same router (1.3r) tonight. I could not get step 4 to work. Steps 1-3 seemed to work fine. Kept getting error message, “Incorrect hardware ID image”. Any suggestions? TIA…

  • Interesting. For Step 4 I downloaded and applied the latest Webflash image. This is the DD-WRT page:

    If for some reason the image is not right, try this mirror:

    Good Luck.

  • RR

    I also got vs A1.3R. I applied dd-wrt for vs A1.1R/A1.2R and it worked! It is set up as a wireless bridge and has been working for at lest 20 hours. My setup was different:
    1. I could not flash with trendnet firmware for A1.1R/A1.2R – kept giving me an error
    2. I did 30-30-30 reset and got to screen that said I must uodate my firmware.
    3. I applied Trendnet to dd-wrt trx and it worked then uodated to newest version os dd-wrt through the dd-wrt gui.
    4. I set it up as a bridge and it seems to work fine.

  • RR

    It’s bridged to a Asus N16 running dd-wrt

  • RR, is the Asus N16 set as AP and the TEW-632BRP as a client bridge?

    • RR

      It was. I lost connection after 12 hours – the 632 was very hot. I could not access the GUI after this so I did a hard 30-30-30 reset. After this, the router will not let me reset for a wireless bridge. Every time I get to the security header, it disconnects and I cannot reconnect without reset. Just clicking on the security header causes the reset. I can’t remember exactly what all the pages looked like on the initial setup when it worked but I think somethings are different on wireless basic settings page:
      1. channel width no longer has 40 option and choice of upper or lower has disappeared.
      2. after hitting save, wireless channel disappears.

      • Try by loading the firmware again. I had success by setting up the TEW-632BRP as main router and serving as AP to all my wireless bridges.

  • RR

    Something strange…I have been messing with this all day. Twice today, when I reset with a 30-30-30, I got back to the original GUI that I thought I had seen and what I had entered 2 days ago was already there BUT it was not connecting. Hitting the reset button should have wiped this out but it was there. In between times, doing a reset gave me a blank dd-wrt GUI to set up but always disconnects me before completing the setup. When it boots to the completed wireless bridge setup, there is a upper and lower button on the channel setup and there are 2 additional options for channel width of turbo 40 and split 20/40 that are not there at other times. When it boots to this completed setup, everything looks good, but it does not connect. The header for dd-wrt says wlan is turned off. Site survey works. Radio is on, but no one is home. Router feels very hot. I will try reflashing and see what happens.

    • You might wanna try reloading the firmware once more and if not, chances are you will need to send it back for an exchange. Not sure how to get back to the stock firmware though.

      Good Luck!

  • RR

    I re-flashed and got the version where the channel band is limited to full(20), half(10) and small(5) – turbo(40) and split(20/40) are missing. It gets hot and won’t connect. I tried using it as a gateway but the bridges I have around the house would not connect. This is the first time I have seen what looks like 2 different versions of dd-wrt on a router at the same time. Or maybe something fried and the memory is stuck. I can’t revert it to the original firmware so probably nothing more to do. I might try reflashing the dd-wrt again in the future.

    • Wondering how did it go with the re-flashing. I am having intermittent disconnection from my repeaters whenever there is a lot of traffic between them.

      • I am experiencing the same, whenever I am streaming netflix or slacker radio from a device attached to a repeater. The interesting fact is that I issued a copy of 2 ISO files totalling 10 GB and it did it overnight accross wireless with no problems. I have had so many headaches that I opted on buying an additional access point for my wireless clients.

        I miss my WRT-54G… that was a stable piece of hw.