Amcrest GO 4K Action Camera – Quick Review

Being an Amcrest security video user, I decided to give the Amcrest GO 4K Action Camera a go. The camera is small, all plastic, that comes with many accessories, including an underwater/waterproof case. For under $50, this is what you get:

  • 1 x 4K Action Camera (AC4K-600).
  • 1 x Waterproof Case.
  • 1 x Bicycle Mount.
  • 1 x Back Clip.
  • 2 x Adhesives.
  • 1 x Mount Connector.
  • 2 x Helmet Mounts.
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable.
  • 1 x Li-Ion Battery.
  • 1 x User Manual.
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Amcrest DVR email trigger does not include attachment

I upgraded my security camera system from standard definition (960 x 480) to 4 MP (2560 x 1440). I had to change my original cables to a Siamese RG59 style, which I had to run again inside the attic, a process I wish not to repeat if I upgrade to 8MP (4K).

I got an Amcrest AMDV4M4-S5 DVR which stores HD footage from analog cameras. Excellent quality nonetheless. Found an issue that many are having, of triggering email attachments when motion is detected, which were not including attachments at all.

Following the standard procedure found on amcrest forums yielded no results. I had to perform trial and error steps within the main device, and this is what I found:

  1. Ensure that Motion Detect is enabled, to send email, and snapshot. You need to enable it for each Channel.
  2. Ensure that Recording is enabled under storage for both Main Stream and Snapshot.
  3. This one is the kicker. Under Storage, Schedule and Snapshot tab, ensure that MD has been marked (yellow) for all days.

You can see the 3 pictures below.

Motion Detection Enabled
Recording Enabled
Snapshot Recording

Hope this helps fixing the email triggering with snapshot issue.

Options to extract Audio from Chromecast, now that Chromecast Audio has been Discontinued

It is sad to learn that Google has discontinued their Chromecast Audio. One of their best inexpensive devices that could be plugged to any receiver or speaker via RCA/line-out or mini-toslink (digital) connectors. I have been using them for almost 4 years, 3 of them enabled as Multi-Room, allowing me to stream music around the house.

I believed so much on this concept, that I gave one to my parents, one to my brother-in-law, and another one to a very good friend. Showed them how to use it with Spotify, YouTube Music and Google Play Music.

Google shall continue carrying their standard Chromecast, which starting on Gen. 2, allow for Multi-Room Audio.

There might be folks still interested on extracting just the audio portion of the stream, to feed to a receiver or any other device, using the standard Chromecast.

There are options out there. Below a few:

HDMI to HDMI + Optical Toslink SPDIF + 3.5mm AUX Stereo Audio Out:

Offering more than just audio, this could be an option for anyone trying to extract the audio portion before connecting to another HDMI cable.
Outputs: Toslink, mini-RCA (3.5 mm), HDMI (pass-through).

Amazon Link.

HDMI to RCA Audio Video AV CVBS Adapter Converter:

Pretty basic connector that converts the signal to composite audio and video. With any RCA cable anyone should be able to feed the audio portion to a receiver.
Outputs: RCA video and Stereo Audio

Amazon Link.

HDMI to VGA Converter Female to Female & 3.5mm Audio:

Fairly simple Connector that has an analog audio out (mini-RCA), and also a VGA input on the other side.
Outputs: Stereo mini-RCA (3.5 mm), VGA

Amazon Link.

Do you have any other recommendations? Let me know in the comments below.

Multi-Room Audio on Chromecast devices offer no Video

I got excited when I learned that Chromecast devices (Generation 2 and above of video) will offer multi-room audio support. I already owned Chromecast Audio devices for a few years now, and enabled multi-room audio on those already. However, I have a Gen.  2 Chromecast on my patio which I wanted to pair with the Chromecast Audio device that connects to a receiver that feeds audio output to speakers already in that area. I thought it was going to be a fantastic option to stream from YouTube Music into My TV that is then simulcasted to my Chromecast Audio.

I tried yesterday, and found out that there is no video streaming available on my Gen. 2 Chromecast. Just Audio. Bummer!

So, at least for now, Multi-Room Audio will be for just that, just audio. Would have been great to see Video also streamed in simultaneous with Chromecast Audio.