TRENDnet TEW-632BRP A1.3R Wireless N Router and DD-WRT

I just got a TRENDnet TEW-632BRP A1.3R wireless N router which is not in the DD-WRT database (only version 1.1R). I went ahead and downloaded the latest firmware and followed the steps:

  1. Downloaded and “downgraded” the 1.3R firmware to 1.1R/1.2R from TRENDnet’s website.
  2. Downloaded and applied the Special image for initial flashing from the DD-WRT website.
  3. Pressed the reset button after it was loaded
  4. Downloaded and applied the Webflash image from the DD-WRT website.

The router seems to be working properly. Current version is v24-sp2 (08/07/10) std.

Update 9/1/2010:

TRENDnet routers do not support wireless bridging with other routers. I have tried configuring it as a wireless repeater, wireless bridge and client bridge with no luck so far. I am able to configure it as an AP and bridge different wireless routers to it.

I have tried with different firmware versions and rebooted/reconfigured several times.