Azure Synapse Analytics – Introduction and Getting Started

This is a relay to my colleague’s YouTube channel (Arshad Ali – Aas Trailblazers), that has started a series of educational videos about Azure Synapse Analytics.

This is what Arshad talks about:

  • Introduction and need for modern data warehouse
  • Azure Synapse Analytics – Introduction
  • Azure Synapse Analytics – Architecture and its components
  • SMP (Symmetric Multiprocessing) vs MPP (Massively Parallel Processing)
  • Azure Synapse Analytics – SQL pool architectural components
  • Azure Synapse Analytics – Getting Started
  • Serverless SQL pool and dedicated SQL pool
  • Connecting to your SQL pool from SQL Server Management Studio
  • Deploy Sample Databases
  • Connecting to your SQL pool from Azure Data Studio
  • Walkthrough of Synapse Studio and connecting to SQL pool

Feel free to watch the video and hopefully learn more about the capabilities of Azure Synapse Analytics.