Migrating SQL Server to Azure at Scale (Pass Summit 2020)

In November 2020, for the (until then) paid conference SQL Pass 2020, my colleague Avnish Rastogi and myself, presented the topic of how to migrate hundreds of SQL Server databases to Azure at scale.

We executed as Architects within of the Data Migration group at Microsoft, and worked in several engagements assessing multiple source databases and landing them into Azure. From the use cases, we compiled the steps, methodologies and services required to asses and migrate on-premises SQL Server instances to Azure Managed Instance. Leveraging PowerShell, we were able to automate and scale the migration of multiple databases.

Services and Tools

Migration Flows

Migration Steps
SQL MI Migration Flow

Going back to SQL Pass Summit – is is now defunct. However it has evolved to PASS Data Community.

For year 2021, it is the year’s largest gathering of Microsoft data platform professionals; a free event. I have submitted 2 topics and hopefully one of them gets chosen to be presented.

Being free, all past presentation were made public. I have published it below.

Video and Presentation