Upcoming Data Community Summit 2021 Session – Migrate from SQL Server to Azure Synapse Analytics


With my colleague Gail, I will be presenting at the Data Community Summit 2021, in November.

Join us to learn how can you take your on-premises SQL Server Data Warehouse, and migrate to Azure Synapse Analytics Provisioned Pool.

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Peruvian Voting Data with PowerBI

It continues to be a controversial voting scenario for Peruvians, on the second round of voting between Pedro Castillo (far left) and Keiko Fujimori (far right). There have been allegations of fraud, though no tangible evidence has been provided yet.

ONPE, the National Office of Electoral Processes of Peru, has made the voting dataset public, for both 1st and 2nd rounds. That shows the level of transparency the entity is providing, to try mitigate disinformation.

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Create External Tables on Azure Synapse Analytics

As we continue working with Azure Synapse Analytics on Peruvian voting data, as I have posted before, we are extending to creating an external table from the ground up, that points to existing data in the Data Lake Store.

This post will show how to create an external table that will point to a folder hierarchy that contains data in plain text (CSV format). All files inside the folder will be considered for this example.

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Creating External Table AS (CETAS) in Parquet format on Azure Synapse Analytics

This is an extension of a prior post that shows how to create an external table in CSV format with Azure Synapse Analytics. Most of the steps equivalent, with the exception of the file format.

This post will show how to create an external table in Parquet format using Azure Synapse Analytics. The creation of an external table will place data inside a folder in the Data Lake Store, that has to be specified. The format can be plain text or parquet. Additional information can be found in the Microsoft documentation link.

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