Query Performance Issue in SQL Server 2008 R2

We migrated from SQL Server 2005 X86 to SQL Server 2008 R2 X64 a couple of weeks ago. The new hardware has twice as much RAM, much better I/O and CPU power to spare. I have discussed about the first issues we encountered with Hyper-Threading enabled here.

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Playing with Page Level Compression and Indexes

Row and Page Compression are features added to SQL Server 2008 and there are plenty of articles/blogs that discuss about it. I had the opportunity to play with a particular table I needed to archive and gathered some statistics while in the process. Continue reading

SQL Server 2008 R2 and Nehalem Processors

I want to share a note about our latest experiences with SQL Server 2008 R2 EE X64 and Nehalem Processors. We have an active/active SQL Server cluster solution running on Two Dell R710 machines and Equallogic Storage Solution using iSCSI. Each Server has Two Intel X5550 processors, 64 GB of RAM and is running under Windows Server 2008 R2 EE X64.

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