iPhone 14 Upgrade Issue and Resolution

A summary of the experience with upgrading an iPhone 14 to iOS 17.5 and how I fixed the problem.


  • I had an iPhone 14 with insufficient storage to upgrade to iOS 17.5.
  • I used a MacBook Air to download the update and transfer it to the phone.
  • The phone entered an endless loop of trying to boot up and finalize the update.
  • I tried to reset the phone by pressing the up button, down button, and power button for over 5 seconds, but it did not work.
  • I called customer support, but they only suggested the same reset method.


  • I plugged the phone into the MacBook Air and saw the option to enter recovery mode on the phone.
  • I chose to update the phone again, but it failed and entered the same loop.
  • I entered recovery mode again and chose to restore the phone instead.
  • The phone was upgraded to iOS 17.5 and restored from a backup that was saved on the MacBook Air before the update.
  • The whole process took about two hours, but I was able to use the phone with the latest iOS release.

Netflix on iPad/iPhone does not work when connected to a router running DD-WRT [Fix]

I was pretty frustrated when I realized that for firing up my new iPad I needed to install iTunes to my desktop. On top of that, I needed to add a credit card number to download a free application from the App Store. I worked it around by generating a one-time number from citicards.

I decided to install Netflix and did not work, even tried resintalling and changing SSIDs. The only way to make it work was by using a backup SSID from the U-Verse router.

After researching I found out that the DNSMasq package from DD-WRT thinks that the connection from Netflix on the iPad looks like a DNS Rebinding attack.

There are a couple of workarounds:

  1. Use a different DNS server in the iPad/iPhone wireless configuration, like the one provided by OpenDNS:
  2. Add a startup rule to DD-WRT to stop DNS rebinding:
killall dnsmasq
sed -i -e 's/^stop-dns-rebinding/#&/' /tmp/dnsmasq.conf
dnsmasq --conf-file=/tmp/dnsmasq.conf

I pursued the second workaround as it allowed me to keep the wireless connection “stock”. Netflix is now working properly on my iPad.

Stop DNS rebinding

Stop DNS rebinding